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Hydraulic Claw

In the Hydraulic Claw Immersion Experience, students explore the wonders of fluid power as they create and test hydraulic claw designs that have helped change our world for the better. This fun and engaging STEAM build will introduce students to Pascal's law of hydraulic power and how it has been used to design prosthetics and other medical innovations for those living with disabilities. At the end of the class, groups will be challenged with using their claw to retrieve various household items off of the floor for a person in need!

Key topics include energy transfer, fluid mechanics, and one-variable equations and inequalities.

This immersion focuses on the career clusters: Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, Hospitality and Tourism, Health Science and Human Services, and Business and Finance.

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Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Hospitality and Tourism

Health Science and Human Services

Business and Finance

“I liked how the materials were provided and organized. I was able to prepare the students the day before with the PowerPoint presentation. The scenario was a real world example, so the students had a purpose for creating the hydraulic claws. I also like how extension lessons and activities are also provided to use after the experience. I can't think of any changes. My classes had a great experience.” - West Virginia teacher

Immersion Agenda 

  • Pique interest with a short introduction
  • Examine high-interest examples of hydraulic power
  • Briefly discuss relevant concepts
  • Detail safety precautions
  • Students work in groups using design thinking to build their hydraulic claw
  • Groups test and adjust their claws
  • Students reflect on their work
  • Short whole group discussion recaps successes, difficulties, and unexpected events
  • Connections to career clusters
  • Possibilities for "What's Next?"