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Wiggle Bot

In the Wiggle Bot Immersion Experience, science and art are merged as students bring lively bots to life using electricity, vibrational energy, and creative design thinking! Students are first introduced to the real-world relevance of vibrational energy while learning the history of the Tacoma Bridge Collapse, and then work in groups to design and build a bot that creates art using basic wave concepts.

Key topics include electricity, circuits, vibrations, waves, center of gravity and single step equations.

This immersion experience focuses on the career clusters of Arts, Architecture, Construction, STEM, and Manufacturing.

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Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications

Architecture and Construction

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math


“Students demonstrated grit as they constructed, tested, and modified their wiggle bots. Students, as a team, analyzed success and difficulties and adjusted their ideas and methods based on these.” - West Virginia teacher

Immersion Agenda

  • Pique interest with a short introduction to the Tacoma Bridge Collapse
  • Examine high-interest examples of abstract art
  • Briefly discuss relevant concepts
  • Detail safety precautions
  • Students work in groups using design thinking to build their Wiggle Bot
  • Groups make are while testing and adjusting their bots
  • Students reflect on their work
  • Short whole group discussion on waves with recaps on successes, difficulties, and unexpected events
  • Connections to career clusters
  • Possibilities for "What's Next?"