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About Us

The West Virginia Department of Education, West Virginia University and the West Virginia Public Education Collaborative oversee the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) Technical Assistance Center. The Center strives to enhance STEAM educational opportunities and career pathways among West Virginia middle and high school students.

While the purpose is STEAM-focused, the vision for the TAC encompasses all content areas to promote problem-solving and critical thinking skills among students.

The STEAM TAC is the newest of the WVDE Technical Assistance Centers and aligns with the WVDE and West Virginia Board of Education strategic plan and leadership goals. Daily operations will be overseen by the WVPEC, which is housed at WVU.

The STEAM TAC supports educators and students in grades 6-12.

Meet the STEAM TAC team

How does the STEAM TAC support educators?

As a hub for STEAM learning, the Center offers a comprehensive approach to help West Virginia educators incorporate STEAM learning into their classroom teaching. Those who sign up not only receive customized lesson plans, toolkits and instructional resources – free of charge – but they also engage in a STEAM TAC classroom immersion, tailored to their grade level, chosen activity and local community.

Educators work alongside STEAM specialists as they lead hands-on STEAM experiences with real-world and cross-curricular applications.

To bolster a transdisciplinary approach to learning, all middle and high school educators are encouraged to participate, regardless of what subjects they teach.

Learn more about the classroom immersions

How does the STEAM TAC benefit students?

STEAM skills, concepts and practices empower today’s youth to gain the skill sets necessary to succeed in today’s ever-evolving workforce landscape.

By integrating STEAM exercises into West Virginia classrooms in fun, accessible ways, we are helping students hone problem-solving skills and innovative mindsets to prepare them for college and/or STEAM-based careers.

The STEAM TAC has designed lesson plans and immersive experiences that nurture critical thinking and interdisciplinary studies with real-world relevancy and career exploration. They also emphasize career opportunities to pursue right here in West Virginia.

Who are the STEAM TAC specialists?

STEAM TAC specialists are master teachers with decades of experience in leading hands-on STEAM lessons. Their unique backgrounds, teaching styles and areas of expertise dovetail bringing creative, engaging STEAM learning into the classroom.

Meet the STEAM TAC team

What are long-term goals for the STEAM TAC?

The STEAM TAC aims to cultivate unique partnerships with local STEAM experts, educators, service learning providers and caregivers, as well as national STEAM-focused programs to help inspire innovative ways to educate and empower students.

How is the STEAM TAC funded?

The STEAM TAC is funded annually through the American Recovery Plan, which helps connect staff and services to educators and families. The STEAM TAC staff work alongside the West Virginia Department of Education to implement research-based practices and offer professional learning and technical assistance throughout West Virginia.